500 Popular Baby Boy Names in Marathi with meanings

baby boy names in Marathi


As a parent, naming your baby boy is among the most significant choices you will have to make. It is a name that he will carry with him for the rest of his life, so it is important to choose one that you love and that you think reflects your son’s personality.

Marathi names are known for their beauty, meaningfulness, and diversity. There are many traditional and modern Marathi names to choose from, so you are sure to find the perfect one for your baby boy. Baby Boy Name in Marathi

In addition to talking about the different sorts of Marathi names that are available, this post will give you a 500 list of some of the most popular and uncommon Marathi names for newborn boys

Columns no 1: 150 Baby Boy Names list in Marathi

AaravPeaceful melody, calm noiseBoyMarathi
AdvikUnique, one of a kindBoyMarathi
AdvaitNot dual, oneBoyMarathi
AgastyaOne who has conquered the sensesBoyMarathi
AhilPrince, rulerBoyMarathi
AnayLeader, guideBoyMarathi
AnirudhLord ShivaBoyMarathi
AnshPortion, partBoyMarathi
AryamanNoble, virtuousBoyMarathi
AtharvAnother name for Lord GaneshBoyMarathi
BhaveshExpressive, eloquentBoyMarathi
BhumitSon of the earthBoyMarathi
ChaitanyaConsciousness, awarenessBoyMarathi
DharmilRighteous, law-abidingBoyMarathi
DivyanshA ray of divine lightBoyMarathi
EklavyaA devoted studentBoyMarathi
EshwarGod, the supreme beingBoyMarathi
GabbarA powerful and fearsome personBoyMarathi
GaganThe skyBoyMarathi
HardikBold, courageousBoyMarathi
HarshitJoyful, happyBoyMarathi
IshaanLord ShivaBoyMarathi
JayVictory, triumphBoyMarathi
KaanA ray of light, a sparkBoyMarathi
KaushalSkilled, talentedBoyMarathi
KunalA spear, a javelinBoyMarathi
KushalHappy, prosperousBoyMarathi
LakshitAimed at, targetedBoyMarathi
LuvAffection, loveBoyMarathi
ManavHuman, beingBoyMarathi
MiteshFriendly, amiableBoyMarathi
NishantNight, eveningBoyMarathi
OjasStrength, vigorBoyMarathi
ParthivEarthly, mundaneBoyMarathi
PranavLife-giving, breathBoyMarathi
PriyanshDear, belovedBoyMarathi
RahulA kind and gentle personBoyMarathi
RajeevRoyal, princelyBoyMarathi
RishikeshA sage, a saintBoyMarathi
RohanpreetA happy and prosperous personBoyMarathi
RudraA fierce form of Lord ShivaBoyMarathi
SaahilSea shore, coastBoyMarathi
SanjeevLife-giving, revivingBoyMarathi
ShaunakA kind and generous personBoyMarathi
ShikharPeak, summitBoyMarathi
ShreyanshAuspicious, fortunateBoyMarathi
ShubhamGood, auspiciousBoyMarathi
SiddarthAchiever of goalsBoyMarathi
Sohum“I am He” (a sacred mantra)BoyMarathi
UmeshThe sunBoyMarathi
VarunThe rain godBoyMarathi
VedicRelated to the Vedas (ancient Hindu scriptures)BoyMarathi
VeerBrave, courageousBoyMarathi
VivaanEnergetic, vibrantBoyMarathi
YashwantGlorious, prosperousBoyMarathi
YudhisthiraThe eldest Pandava brother in the MahabharataBoyMarathi

Columns No 2: A to Z 100 Baby Boy Names list in Marathi

AdityaSon of the sunBoyMarathi
AgneyBorn of fireBoyMarathi
AkshatUnhurt, unharmedBoyMarathi
AnishLord VishnuBoyMarathi
ArjunThe warrior prince from the MahabharataBoyMarathi
AyushLong lifeBoyMarathi
BalajiLord VenkateswaraBoyMarathi
ChetanConscientious, awareBoyMarathi
DakshIntelligent, capableBoyMarathi
DhruvSteadfast, unwaveringBoyMarathi
EkanthThe only one, uniqueBoyMarathi
GajananLord Ganesha with the head of an elephantBoyMarathi
GovindLord KrishnaBoyMarathi
HrishikeshLord VishnuBoyMarathi
IshaanLord ShivaBoyMarathi
KaranRay of lightBoyMarathi
KartheekLord KartikeyaBoyMarathi
KeshavLord KrishnaBoyMarathi
KiranRay of lightBoyMarathi
KrishLord KrishnaBoyMarathi
MaulikPriceless, preciousBoyMarathi
MukulBud, blossomBoyMarathi
NaitikEthical, moralBoyMarathi
NikhilComplete, perfectBoyMarathi
OmkarThe sound of “Om”BoyMarathi
ParikshitExamined, testedBoyMarathi
PrateekSymbol, representationBoyMarathi
PranayLove, affectionBoyMarathi
PratikImage, symbolBoyMarathi
PurushMan, maleBoyMarathi
RaghavLord RamaBoyMarathi
RahulA kind and gentle personBoyMarathi
RishiSage, saintBoyMarathi
RudraA fierce form of Lord ShivaBoyMarathi
SaheelSea shore, coastBoyMarathi
SakshamAble, capableBoyMarathi
SameerGentle breezeBoyMarathi
SamyakPerfect, completeBoyMarathi
SanchitCollected, accumulatedBoyMarathi
SarthakMeaningful, purposefulBoyMarathi
SatvikPure, goodBoyMarathi

Columns no 3: 150 Baby Boy Names list in Marathi

Udayveer PratyakshBrave at sunrise and clear-sightedBoyMarathi
Vaibhav VishalMajesty and vastBoyMarathi
Vedant YogiPhilosophy and yogiBoyMarathi
Veer YashBrave and gloryBoyMarathi
Viraj VikramShining and braveBoyMarathi
Yashwant PratapGlorious and powerBoyMarathi
Yatish UdaySaint and sunriseBoyMarathi
Yuvaan AdvaitYoung and oneBoyMarathi
Aarav OmkarPeaceful melody and the sound of “Om”BoyMarathi
Abhimanyu VedantSon of Arjuna and philosophyBoyMarathi
Abhinav RishikeshNew and sageBoyMarathi
Aditya Vikram SinghSon of the sun and brave lionBoyMarathi
Agastya Pratyaksh AvyanA sage and clear-sighted endlessBoyMarathi
Ahil Udayveer YuvaanPrince and brave at sunrise youthfulBoyMarathi
Anay Varun AdvaitLeader and rain god and oneBoyMarathi
Anirudh Veer ArjunLord Shiva and brave warrior princeBoyMarathi
Anshvardhan GautamPortion of growth and BuddhaBoyMarathi
Aryaman Advait TejNoble and one splendorBoyMarathi
Atharv Omkar VishalAnother name for Lord Ganesh and the sound of “Om” and vastBoyMarathi
Bhavesh Gautam MukulExpressive and Buddha and budBoyMarathi
Bhumit Tej YashwantSon of the earth and splendor and gloriousBoyMarathi
Chaitanya Yash VishalConsciousness and glory and vastBoyMarathi
Dharmil Adhyay PratyakshRighteous and learning and clear-sightedBoyMarathi
Divyansh Vishal OmkarA ray of divine light and vast and the sound of “Om”BoyMarathi
Eklavya Pratap UdayA devoted student and power and sunriseBoyMarathi

Columns no 3: A to Z 100 Baby Boy Names in Marathi

AbhimanyuSon of ArjunaBoyMarathi
AbhinavNew, innovativeBoyMarathi
Aditya VikramSon of the sun and braveBoyMarathi
Agastya PratyakshA sage and clear-sightedBoyMarathi
Ahil UdayPrince and sunriseBoyMarathi
Anay VarunLeader and rain godBoyMarathi
Anirudh VeerLord Shiva and braveBoyMarathi
AnshvardhanPortion of growthBoyMarathi
Aryaman AdvaitNoble and oneBoyMarathi
Atharv OmkarAnother name for Lord Ganesh and the sound of “Om”BoyMarathi
Bhavesh GautamExpressive and BuddhaBoyMarathi
Bhumit TejSon of the earth and splendorBoyMarathi
Chaitanya YashConsciousness and gloryBoyMarathi
Dharmil AdhyayRighteous and learningBoyMarathi
Divyansh VishalA ray of divine light and vastBoyMarathi
Eklavya PratapA devoted student and powerBoyMarathi
Eshwar MukulGod and budBoyMarathi
Gabbar SinghA powerful and fearsome person and lionBoyMarathi
Gagan TejasThe sky and splendorBoyMarathi
Hardik ArjunBold and warrior princeBoyMarathi
Harshit AnandJoyful and happinessBoyMarathi
Ishaan VishalLord Shiva and vastBoyMarathi
JayvardhanVictory and growthBoyMarathi
Kaan AvyanA ray of light and endlessBoyMarathi
Kaushal VikramSkilled and braveBoyMarathi
Kunal VikramA spear, a javelin and braveBoyMarathi
Kushal YuvaanHappy and youthfulBoyMarathi
Lakshit YashAimed at and gloryBoyMarathi
Luv AaravAffection and peaceful melodyBoyMarathi
Manav RishiHuman and sageBoyMarathi
Mitesh SanchitFriendly and collectedBoyMarathi
Nishant PratyakshNight and clear-sightedBoyMarathi
Ojas UdayStrength and sunriseBoyMarathi
Parthiv OmkarEarthly and the sound of “Om”BoyMarathi
Pranav VedantLife-giving and philosophyBoyMarathi
Priyansh VikramDear and braveBoyMarathi
Rahul AdvaitA kind and gentle person and oneBoyMarathi
Rajeev AryaRoyal and nobleBoyMarathi
Rishikesh AnandA sage and happinessBoyMarathi
Rohanpreet SinghA happy and prosperous person and lionBoyMarathi
Rudra PratapA fierce form of Lord Shiva and powerBoyMarathi
Saahil SamyakSea shore and perfectBoyMarathi
Sanjeev UdayLife-giving and sunriseBoyMarathi
Shaunak OmkarA kind and generous person and the sound of “Om”BoyMarathi
Shikhar AbhimanyuPeak and son of ArjunaBoyMarathi
Shreyansh AdhyayAuspicious and learningBoyMarathi
Shubham AvyanGood and endlessBoyMarathi
Siddarth AnandAchiever of goals and happinessBoyMarathi
Sohum Advait“I am He” and oneBoyMarathi
Tanay AdityaSon and son of the sunBoyMarathi
Columns no 3: A to Z 100 Baby Boy Names in Marathi
ShlokHymn, verseBoyMarathi
ShreyAuspicious, fortunateBoyMarathi
ShubhGood, auspiciousBoyMarathi
SiddhantPrinciple, doctrineBoyMarathi
SiddharthAchiever of goalsBoyMarathi
Sohum“I am He” (a sacred mantra)BoyMarathi
TejasSplendor, brillianceBoyMarathi
UdayveerBrave at sunriseBoyMarathi
VaibhavMajesty, splendorBoyMarathi
VedantPhilosophy, knowledgeBoyMarathi
VeerBrave, courageousBoyMarathi
VirajShining, brilliantBoyMarathi
VishalVast, immenseBoyMarathi
YashGlory, fameBoyMarathi
YatishYogi, saintBoyMarathi
YuvaanYoung, youthfulBoyMarathi

Also chek 500 baby boy name list in marathi

Importance of Choosing the Right Baby Boy Names in Marathi

A person’s name serves many purposes than only identification.It also reflects their ideals, culture, and personality.Selecting a suitable name for your son is crucial as it can greatly influence his future.

A study by the University of California, Berkeley found that people with more attractive names tend to be more successful in life. Additionally, they have a higher chance of getting promotions and jobs.

Another study, published in the journal Psychological Science, found that people with names that are similar to their parents’ names are more likely to have successful careers.

Traditional Baby Boy Names in Marathi

Traditional Marathi names are often derived from Sanskrit, the ancient language of India. These names are often associated with Hindu deities, mythology, and history.

Some popular traditional baby boy names in Marathi include:

  • Aditya (meaning “son of the sun”)
  • Ajit (meaning “unconquerable”)
  • Akshay (meaning “unhurt”)
  • Amar (meaning “immortal”)
  • Amit (meaning “infinite”)
  • Anish (meaning “Lord Vishnu”)
  • Arjun (meaning “warrior prince”)
  • Ashish (meaning “blessing”)
  • Chandrashekhar (meaning “lord of the moon”)
  • Dev (meaning “god”)
  • Dhruv (meaning “steadfast”)
  • Eklavya (meaning “devoted student”)

Modern Baby Boy Names in Marathi

Modern Marathi names are often shorter and easier to pronounce. They are also more likely to be gender-neutral.

Some popular modern baby boy names in Marathi:

  • Aarav (meaning “peaceful melody”)
  • Advik (meaning “unique”)
  • Agastya (meaning “one who has conquered the senses”)
  • Aryaman (meaning “noble”)
  • Atharv (meaning “another name for Lord Ganesh”)
  • Chaitanya (meaning “consciousness”)
  • Dharmil (meaning “righteous”)
  • Divyansh (meaning “a ray of divine light”)
  • Ishaan (meaning “Lord Shiva”)
  • Jay (meaning “victory”)
  • Kaan (meaning “a ray of light”)
  • Kushal (meaning “happy”)

Celebrity-Inspired Names

Many parents also choose to give their children names that are inspired by celebrities. Some popular celebrity-inspired baby boy names in Marathi include:

  • Abhishek (named after Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan)
  • Aditya Roy Kapur (named after Bollywood actor Aditya Roy Kapur)
  • Arjun Kapoor (named after Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor)
  • Ranbir Kapoor (named after Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor)
  • Varun Dhawan (named after Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan)
  • Virat Kohli (named after Indian cricketer Virat Kohli)


Choosing the right name for your child is an important consideration. There are many factors to consider, such as the meaning of the name, how it will sound with your last name, and whether it is easy to pronounce.

If you are looking for a modern and unique Marathi name for your baby boy, the names listed above are a good place to start. You can also browse through online resources and baby name books to find more inspiration.


What are some of the most popular Baby Boy Names in Marathi?

Some of the most popular Marathi baby boy names include Aditya, Ajit, Akshay, Amar, Amit, Anish, Arjun, Ashish, Chandrashekhar, Dev, and Dhruv.

What are some unique baby Boy Names in Marathi?

Some unique Marathi baby boy names include Aarav

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