400 Best Baby Boy Names in kannada With Meanings

Introduction to Baby Boy Names in Kannada

Kannada names are deeply rooted in mythology, religion, and nature. They often evoke positive attributes like strength, wisdom, and prosperity. Many names pay homage to deities like Shiva, Vishnu, and Krishna, while others celebrate natural elements like the sun, rivers, and mountains. Each name whispers a story, carrying blessings and aspirations for the child’s future.

  • Agastya: A revered sage known for his wisdom and dedication.
  • Akash: The vastness of the sky, symbolizing boundless potential.
  • Arjun: A mighty warrior from the Mahabharata, known for his courage and loyalty.
  • Dhruv: The unwavering North Star, representing steadfastness and determination.
  • Surya: The radiant sun, signifying warmth, energy, and enlightenment.
  • Vijay: Victorious, a name that celebrates success and achievement.
  • Yash: Fame and glory, a name that augurs well for a bright future.
  • Vikramaditya: A legendary emperor known for his valor and justice.
  • Nirvan: The state of liberation, signifying peace and spiritual fulfillment.
  • Samarth: Able and skilled, a name that inspires confidence and self-reliance.

Explore The Best 250 Baby Boy Names in kannada A to Z

Certainly! Here’s a list of 50 unique and modern baby boy names in Kannada starting with the letters “A’ ‘B” and “C,” presented in an organized table format based on your preferences:

AdvaitUnique, One of a kindKannadaBoy
AbhinavNew, InnovativeKannadaBoy
AdityaSun, Lord of the SunKannadaBoy
AkshayImmortal, IndestructibleKannadaBoy
ArjunBright, ShiningKannadaBoy
AniketLord of the worldKannadaBoy
AlokBright, IlluminatedKannadaBoy
AryanNoble, RespectableKannadaBoy
AdvaithUnique, One of a kindKannadaBoy
BirenLord of warriorsKannadaBoy
BhargavLord ShivaKannadaBoy
BhanuSun, BrilliantKannadaBoy
BharatBeing maintained, The name of the Hindu kingKannadaBoy
BhaveshLord of the worldKannadaBoy
BhaumikLord of the EarthKannadaBoy
BhushanOrnament, DecorationKannadaBoy
BilvaSacred leaf of the Aegle marmelos treeKannadaBoy
BimalPure, CleanKannadaBoy
ChaitanyaConsciousness, LifeKannadaBoy
ChiragLamp, LightKannadaBoy
ChetanConsciousness, LifeKannadaBoy
ChetanyaPerceptive, ConsciousKannadaBoy
CharithHistory, CharacterKannadaBoy
ChandreshLord of the moonKannadaBoy
ChiranjeeviImmortal, Long-livedKannadaBoy
ChakorA bird enamored of the moonKannadaBoy
ChetanConsciousness, LifeKannadaBoy
ChidambarOne whose heart is as big as the skyKannadaBoy
ChandreshLord of the moonKannadaBoy
CharanFeet, RefugeKannadaBoy
ChiragLamp, LightKannadaBoy
ChaitraThe first month of the Hindu calendarKannadaBoy

Certainly! Here’s a list of 50 unique and modern baby boy names in Kannada starting with the letters “D, E, F, G, H and , I, J, k, L presented in an organized table format based on your preferences:

DarshanVision, SeeingKannadaBoy
DevangPart of GodKannadaBoy
DhanrajLord Kuber, WealthyKannadaBoy
DhirajPatience, ConsolationKannadaBoy
DakshPrecious SonKannadaBoy
DevanshPart of GodKannadaBoy
DruvConstant, UnshakableKannadaBoy
DhyeyAim, TargetKannadaBoy
DhanushThe BowKannadaBoy
EshwarLord ShivaKannadaBoy
EkanshWhole, CompleteKannadaBoy
EshwarLord ShivaKannadaBoy
EdhaSacred, WealthyKannadaBoy
EshanLord ShivaKannadaBoy
EkakshThe Only OneKannadaBoy
EkanshWhole, CompleteKannadaBoy
FarhanHappy, JoyfulKannadaBoy
FerozSuccessful, VictoriousKannadaBoy
GaganSky, HeavenKannadaBoy
GauravPride, HonorKannadaBoy
GopalLord KrishnaKannadaBoy
GaurangFair complexioned, Lord KrishnaKannadaBoy
HrithikFrom the heart, HonestKannadaBoy
HarshHappiness, JoyKannadaBoy
HrishikeshLord VishnuKannadaBoy
HardikFull of loveKannadaBoy
IshanSun, Lord Shiva’s nameKannadaBoy
IshitOne who desires to ruleKannadaBoy
IvaanGod’s gracious giftKannadaBoy
IkshanSight, ViewKannadaBoy
IshratAffection, HappinessKannadaBoy
JaganVictorious; Lord of the universeKannadaBoy
JagatWorld; UniverseKannadaBoy
JaiVictorious; ConquerorKannadaBoy
JaidevGod of victory; Victorious GodKannadaBoy
JaishankarAuspicious victory; Lord ShivaKannadaBoy
JalandharOcean; WaterKannadaBoy
JanakName of King Janaka (father of Sita)KannadaBoy
JayadityaSun of victory; Victorious sunKannadaBoy
JeevaSoul; LifeKannadaBoy
JnaneshWise; KnowledgeableKannadaBoy
KabirGreat; Mystic poetKannadaBoy
KaiOcean; WaterKannadaBoy
KailashAbode of Lord Shiva; Mountain KailashKannadaBoy
KarthikGod of war (Murugan); Pleiades star clusterKannadaBoy
KarunaCompassion; MercyKannadaBoy
KeshavLord Krishna; Hair of Lord VishnuKannadaBoy
KiranRay of light; SunbeamKannadaBoy
KrishLord Krishna; BlackKannadaBoy
KrithikSuccessful; StarKannadaBoy
KrishnaaLord Krishna; Dark-skinnedKannadaBoy
LakshayGoal; AimKannadaBoy
LakshyaGoal; AimKannadaBoy
LalithBeautiful; GracefulKannadaBoy
LokeshProtector of the world; Lord ShivaKannadaBoy

Certainly! Here’s a list of 50 unique and modern baby boy names in Kannada starting with the letters “M, N, O, P, Q, and “R, S, T, U, V presented in an organized table format based on your preferences:

MadahavLord Vishnu; Ocean of knowledgeKannadaBoy
ManasMind; IntellectKannadaBoy
ManishThinker; IntelligentKannadaBoy
MayukhPeacock feather; Lord ShivaKannadaBoy
MithraSun; FriendKannadaBoy
MukulBud; BlossomKannadaBoy
NaadSound; MusicKannadaBoy
NaakshStar; ConstellationKannadaBoy
NakshatraConstellation; StarKannadaBoy
NandanSon of joy; Giver of happinessKannadaBoy
NeelBlue; SkyKannadaBoy
NirmayPure; SinlessKannadaBoy
NishchayDetermined; ResoluteKannadaBoy
OjasStrength; VigorKannadaBoy
OmkarSound of Om; DivineKannadaBoy
PranavSacred syllable “Om”KannadaBoy
ParthArjun, One of the PandavasKannadaBoy
PranjalHonest and straightKannadaBoy
QiratBeautiful recitation of the QuranKannadaBoy
QudratPower, NatureKannadaBoy
RishabhSuperior, MoralityKannadaBoy
RudraLord ShivaKannadaBoy
RishiSage, SaintKannadaBoy
RishitThe bestKannadaBoy
RaghuLord RamaKannadaBoy
RaunakBrightness, FameKannadaBoy
TejasBrilliance, SharpnessKannadaBoy
TithiraajKing of auspiciousnessKannadaBoy
TrishankLord ShivaKannadaBoy
UdbhavOrigin, BeginningKannadaBoy
UdayTo rise, SunriseKannadaBoy
UjjwalBright, ClearKannadaBoy
UtkarshProsperity, ExcellenceKannadaBoy
UdbhavOrigin, BeginningKannadaBoy
VihanDawn, MorningKannadaBoy
VivaanFull of lifeKannadaBoy
VihaanDawn, MorningKannadaBoy
VedanthThe sacred knowledgeKannadaBoy
VihanDawn, MorningKannadaBoy
VrajPlace of Lord KrishnaKannadaBoy
VedhanthThe sacred knowledgeKannadaBoy
VivaanFull of lifeKannadaBoy
VihanDawn, MorningKannadaBoy

Certainly! Here’s a list of 50 unique and modern baby boy names in Kannada starting with the letters “W, Xm Y, and Z presented in an organized table format based on your preferences:

WilfredResolute PeaceKannadaBoy
WrikGod’s chosen oneKannadaBoy
WyanProgress, AdvancementKannadaBoy
WyattBrave in warKannadaBoy
XanderDefender of the peopleKannadaBoy
XaviBright, SplendidKannadaBoy
XylanFrom the forestKannadaBoy
YashFame, SuccessKannadaBoy
YohanGod is graciousKannadaBoy
YashwinAlways successfulKannadaBoy
YashasFame, GloryKannadaBoy
YohanGod is graciousKannadaBoy
YashasFame, GloryKannadaBoy
ZaydGrowth, AbundanceKannadaBoy
ZenithHighest point, SummitKannadaBoy
ZaraanReservoir, LakeKannadaBoy
ZivaanFull of lifeKannadaBoy
ZayyanGracious, WittyKannadaBoy
ZoharBrightness, LightKannadaBoy
ZaydGrowth, AbundanceKannadaBoy
ZaahirBright, ShiningKannadaBoy
ZaynBeauty, GraceKannadaBoy
ZorawarPowerful WarriorKannadaBoy
ZivithFull of LifeKannadaBoy
ZaydGrowth, AbundanceKannadaBoy
ZivaanFull of lifeKannadaBoy
ZayyanGracious, WittyKannadaBoy
ZoharBrightness, LightKannadaBoy
ZaydGrowth, AbundanceKannadaBoy
ZaahirBright, ShiningKannadaBoy
ZaynBeauty, GraceKannadaBoy

50 Unique Baby Boy Names in Kannada with Multiple Meanings 

NameMeaningsCultureName Style
AadyaFirst; Beginning; PowerKannadaModern and Trending
AadvikPowerful; Lord Vishnu; First ray of sunKannadaModern and Trending
AgastyaPot-born; Sage; Name of a starKannadaModern and Trending
AkashSky; Space; LimitlessKannadaModern and Trending
AmaanPeaceful; Secure; WishKannadaModern and Trending
AmshRay of sunlight; Lord KrishnaKannadaModern and Trending
AnanthEternal; Infinite; EndlessKannadaModern and Trending
ArjunWarrior; Hero; Name of Pandava brother in MahabharataKannadaModern and Trending
DhruvPole star; Steadfast; FirmKannadaModern and Trending
DakshSkillful; Expert; CleverKannadaModern and Trending
DevGod; Divine; ShiningKannadaModern and Trending
DhanushBow; Archer; Lord RamaKannadaModern and Trending
DhruvaPole star; Steadfast; FirmKannadaModern and Trending
EshwarLord Shiva; AuspiciousKannadaModern and Trending
GajendraPowerful elephant; Lord Indra’s elephantKannadaModern and Trending
HarshJoy; Happiness; DelightKannadaModern and Trending
HarshitJoyful; Delighted; HappyKannadaModern and Trending
IshaanLord Shiva; Auspicious; Lord of the northeast directionKannadaModern and Trending
JayVictorious; Conqueror; TriumphantKannadaModern and Trending
KabirGreat; Mystic poet; Name of a Sufi saintKannadaModern and Trending
KairavPeaceful; Powerful; Descendant of King PanduKannadaModern and Trending
LakshGoal; Aim; TargetKannadaModern and Trending
MaanavHuman; Man; Son of Manu (mythological king)KannadaModern and Trending
MadhavLord Vishnu; Ocean of knowledgeKannadaModern and Trending
ManasMind; Intellect; ThoughtKannadaModern and Trending
MayukhPeacock feather; Lord ShivaKannadaModern and Trending
NeilChampion; Leader; CloudKannadaModern and Trending
NirvaanLiberation; Freedom from suffering; SalvationKannadaModern and Trending
OjasStrength; Vigor; EnergyKannadaModern and Trending
ParthHero; Warrior; Arjuna’s other nameKannadaModern and Trending
PranavSound of Om; Divine; Full of lifeKannadaModern and Trending
RaghavDescendant of King Raghu; Lord RamaKannadaModern and Trending
RohanAscending; Climbing; RisingKannadaModern and Trending
RudraLord Shiva; Formidable; FearsomeKannadaModern and Trending
SamarthCapable; Able; SkillfulKannadaModern and Trending
ShauryaHeroism; Bravery; ValorKannadaModern and Trending
ShlokaVerse; Hymn; StanzaKannadaModern and Trending
SuryaanshRay of sun; Son of the sunKannadaModern and Trending
TarunYoung; Youthful; FreshKannadaModern and Trending
UdaySunrise; Dawn; New beginningKannadaModern and Trending
VirajRadiant; Powerful; ShiningKannadaModern and Trending
VivaanFull of life; Energetic; LivelyKannadaModern and Trending
YashFame; Glory; ReputationKannadaModern and Trending
YuvanYoung; Youthful; BoyishKannadaModern and Trending
NameMeaningsCultureName Style
AaravyaMelodious sound; Music of natureKannadaModern and Trending
AbhayFearless; Brave; Without worryKannadaModern and Trending
AdvaitOne and only; Unique; Second to noneKannadaModern and Trending
Agastya PutraSon of Sage Agastya; Divine protectorKannadaModern and Trending
AkashdeepLamp of the sky; Light of the universeKannadaModern and Trending
AkshatUndamaged; Unmarked; ImperishableKannadaModern and Trending
Amaan YashPeaceful fame; Secure gloryKannadaModern and Trending
AnirudhUnconquered; Victorious; Lord ShivaKannadaModern and Trending
ArnavOcean; Limitless; ImmeasurableKannadaModern and Trending
AryavardhanProsperous kingdom; Land of noblesKannadaModern and Trending
ChaitanyaConsciousness; Awareness; Spiritual awakeningKannadaModern and Trending
DakshinSouth; Right-handed; SkilledKannadaModern and Trending
Dhruva NandanPole star’s joy; Steadfast happinessKannadaModern and Trending
DhritimanFirm; Steadfast; PatientKannadaModern and Trending
DevrajKing of Gods; Divine rulerKannadaModern and Trending
DhruvtejSteadfast brilliance; Firm radianceKannadaModern and Trending
EklavyaSkilled archer; Dedicated studentKannadaModern and Trending
GaurabFair-skinned; Bright; BeautifulKannadaModern and Trending
Harshit SuryaJoyful sun; Delighted lightKannadaModern and Trending
IshanvayuLord Shiva’s wind; Auspicious breezeKannadaModern and Trending
Jagan ShaktiPower of the world; Universal forceKannadaModern and Trending
KabiranshGreat mark; Mystic symbolKannadaModern and Trending
KairavaanOcean of peace; Vast calmnessKannadaModern and Trending
KrishnavardhanLord Krishna’s prosperity; Flourishing divineKannadaModern and Trending
Lakshya TejasAim’s brilliance; Goal’s radianceKannadaModern and Trending
Maadhyam DevDivine mediator; Center of godlinessKannadaModern and Trending
ManasviniDreamy; Imaginative; AspiringKannadaModern and Trending
MayuranshRay of the peacock; Son of Lord MuruganKannadaModern and Trending
NeelanshMark of the blue; Symbol of the skyKannadaModern and Trending
Nirvaan AnandLiberation’s joy; Freedom’s happinessKannadaModern and Trending
OjasviStrong; Vigorous; EnergeticKannadaModern and Trending
Parth SarathiArjuna’s charioteer; Lord KrishnaKannadaModern and Trending
Pranav AdityaSound of Om, the sun; Divine lightKannadaModern and Trending
Raaghav ViraDescendant of King Raghu, the braveKannadaModern and Trending
Rudraksha TejBeads of Rudra, the radiantKannadaModern and Trending
Samarth TejasCapable brilliance; Skillful radianceKannadaModern and Trending
Shaurya VeerBravery hero; Valiant warriorKannadaModern and Trending
ShlokayVerse; Hymn; StanzaKannadaModern and Trending
Surya TejasSun’s brilliance; Radiance of SuryaKannadaModern and Trending
Tarun ShaktiYouthful strength; Young powerKannadaModern and Trending
Uday SimhaRising lion; Victorious dawnKannadaModern and Trending
VeerayBrave; Heroic; Warrior-likeKannadaModern and Trending
Viraj TejasRadiant brilliance; Shining radianceKannadaModern and Trending
Vishvakarma PutraSon of Vishvakarma, the divine architectKannadaModern and Trending
Vivaansh AkshajFull of life, imperishable; Energetic and eternalKannadaModern and Trending
YashasviFamous; Glorious; RenownedKannadaModern and Trending

50 Modern Baby Boy Names in Kannada

NameMeaningsCultureName Style
AbhyudayaProsperity; Progress; AdvancementKannadaModern and Trending
AbhimanyuFearless warrior; Arjuna’s sonKannadaModern and Trending
Advait VedantUnique knowledge; One and only wisdomKannadaModern and Trending
Akashdeep JyotiLight of the sky’s flame; Lamp of the universe’s brillianceKannadaModern and Trending
Akshath TejUndamaged radiance; Unmarked glowKannadaModern and Trending
Amaan VedaPeaceful knowledge; Secure wisdomKannadaModern and Trending
Aniruddha KrishnaUnconquered Lord Krishna; Victorious divineKannadaModern and Trending
Arnav SamudraOcean’s depth; Limitless seaKannadaModern and Trending
AryaveerNoble warrior; Brave of noble descentKannadaModern and Trending
Chaitanya TejasConsciousness radiance; Awareness brillianceKannadaModern and Trending
DakshinayRight-handed skill; Southern graceKannadaModern and Trending
Dhruv NandanSteadfast joy; Firm happinessKannadaModern and Trending
Dhruvit TejFirm brilliance; Unwavering radianceKannadaModern and Trending
EkanshOne part; Unique aspect; Single touchKannadaModern and Trending
GauriputraSon of Gauri; Lord GaneshaKannadaModern and Trending
Harshit SuryadevJoyful sun God; Delighted divine lightKannadaModern and Trending
Ishaan AaravLord Shiva’s sound; Auspicious melodyKannadaModern and Trending
Jagan KartaMaker of the world; Creator of the universeKannadaModern and Trending
Kabiransh TejasGreat mark’s brilliance; Mystic symbol’s radianceKannadaModern and Trending
Kairava ShaktiOcean’s power; Vast strengthKannadaModern and Trending
Krishnavardhan AnandLord Krishna’s prosperity and joy; Flourishing divine happinessKannadaModern and Trending
Lakshya TejasviAim’s brilliance; Goal’s radianceKannadaModern and Trending
Maadhyama TejaMiddle path’s radiance; Center of focus’s glowKannadaModern and Trending
Manasvini ShaktiDreamy power; Imaginative strengthKannadaModern and Trending
Mayank TejCrescent moon’s radiance; Lord Shiva’s glowKannadaModern and Trending
Neelansh SuryaMark of the blue sun; Symbol of the sky’s lightKannadaModern and Trending
Nirvaan AnandaLiberation’s bliss; Freedom’s happinessKannadaModern and Trending
Ojasvi AkshajStrong and imperishable; Vigorous and eternalKannadaModern and Trending
Parth Sarathy TejaArjuna’s charioteer, the radiant; Lord Krishna’s guide, the glowingKannadaModern and Trending
Pranav AgniSound of Om, the fire; Divine flameKannadaModern and Trending
Raaghav VirajDescendant of King Raghu, the radiant; Raghuvanshi warrior, the shiningKannadaModern and Trending
Rudraksh VeerBeads of Rudra, the brave warrior; Rudraksha’s strength, the courageousKannadaModern and Trending
Samarth TejCapable brilliance; Skillful radianceKannadaModern and Trending
Shaurya KesariBravery’s lion; Heroism’s kingKannadaModern and Trending
Shlokay JyotiVerse’s flame; Hymn’s lightKannadaModern and Trending
Surya TejasviSun’s brilliance; Radiant lightKannadaModern and Trending
Tarun ShaktiYouthful strength; Energetic powerKannadaModern and Trending
Uday Simha TejaRising lion’s brilliance; Victorious dawn’s glowKannadaModern and Trending
Veeray TejasBrave radiance; Heroic glowKannadaModern and Trending
Viraj JyotiRadiant flame; Shining lightKannadaModern and Trending
Vishvakarma NandanSon of Vishvakarma, the divine architect; Architect’s joyKannadaModern and Trending
Vivaansh NirvaanFull of life’s liberation; Energetic freedomKannadaModern
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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Name your new litile one

  • Family lineage and traditions: Consider names passed down through generations, or those that resonate with your family’s heritage.
  • Meaning and significance: Choose a name that carries a positive meaning and resonates with your hopes and aspirations for your child.
  • Sound and rhythm: Opt for a name that is euphonious and flows naturally, avoiding harsh or difficult pronunciations.
  • Compatibility with surname: Ensure the name sounds harmonious when paired with your family surname.
  • Uniqueness and popularity: While traditional names are cherished, consider adding a personal touch to make it unique.

Some Tips for New Parents Choosing Their Baby Boy Names:

  • Research and explore: Immerse yourself in the vast pool of Kannada names through online resources, books, and conversations with elders.
  • Seek family input: Consult your family and loved ones for suggestions and insights into family traditions.
  • Speak the name aloud: Test out the name in different contexts and see how it feels.
  • Trust your intuition: Ultimately, choose the name that resonates most deeply with you and your partner.


Choosing your baby boy names Kannada is more than just picking a word. It’s an act of love, a whispered promise, and a thread that binds him to your family’s rich tapestry. Every syllable whispers a story, a wish for his future, and a reflection of your hopes and dreams. So, embrace the journey, let your heart guide you, and gift your little one a name as unique and precious as he is.


What are some unique Baby Boy Names in Kannada?

Explore names like “Nivaan” (abode), “Samarthya” (ability), “Vaayu” (air), or “Rudra” (fierce).

How can I find the meaning of a specific Kannada name?

Online dictionaries and resources dedicated to Kannada names can help you find the meaning of your chosen name.

What are some cultral considerations when choosing a Kannada name?

Be mindful of caste and community traditions when selecting a name, seeking guidance from elders if needed.

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